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The Story so far.....

Andy started the business whilst still an engineering student when he found that he couldn't buy decent quality parts for his own bikes. Initially Andy manufactured all the parts himself, literally in the garage behind the house. Selling first at autojumbles and then also by mail order. Initially the product range specialised in stainless steel fasteners and other shiny bits and the business grew quickly even though by now Andy had a full time job as a production engineer at British Aerospace. The workshop and equipment grew steadily, but all pretty old equipment.

In the early 1990's Andy went into partnership with racing sidecar passenger (and later wife), Kim, and the business moved into a modern 3,500 square foot industrial unit. This permitted a dramatic expansion of the manufacturing facilities, with ultimately 8 computer numerical control (CNC) machining centres of the type Andy was more use to in his aerospace days. As a result the product range was developed into much more complex components, particularly for the classic racing world. Some of the milestones over the years are:

1993 - First replica drum brake manufactured. We now make 21 different drum brakes.

1994 - Acquisition of the rights to manufacture the Manx Norton.

1995 - First Molnar Manx engine wins on its debut at Silverstone.

1997- Ultra short stroke 90 bore introduced, with stunning success at Manx Grand Prix.

1998 - Purchased of ex-Rutter G50/7R pattern work. Purchase of Drawings and tools for Amal GP carburettor.

1999- Vincent 1,000cc V-Twin crankcases re-manufactured.

2000 - Ultra short stroke 350 Manx introduced. Barry Sheene actually bought a 95 bore 500 for his own use!

2002 - Purchase of own Dyno test cell.

2004 - Change of status of business to a limited company. Introduction of MPL Seeley chassis and short stroke 92 bore G50.

2005 - Molnar Manx no 100 delivered (to National Motorcycle Museum).

2007 - Introduction of MPL electronic ignition system. Collaboration with the Gardner Carburettor Company.

2008 - Move to specially constructed new premises, built in a classic style to support and service classic bikes.

2013 - Delivery of Molnar Manx No 200, a road going bike (to Barry Warner, USA). Debut of 4 valve Molnar Manx at the Classic TT in the Isle of Man.

Over the years we have applied the expertise acquired in developing our own product range to sub-contract machining work for other companies in the motorcycle world.

We have many happy customers around the world (around 50% of our products are exported). Many customers have been buying parts from us since the beginning, so must be doing something right!.

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