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In this section you will find information on our racing products covering all areas of our product range. The price lists can be accessed through the price lists section. If you are looking for something specific please go to ‘Search Site’, type in the key words and you should be directed to the right page.

Molnar Manx Section

All standard parts are manufactured to the exact original 1961 specification to original Norton drawings, which together with the production schedules, jigs, fixtures and manufacturing rights were purchased from Unity. No other manufacturer has access to this depth of information, which allows us to offer our parts as genuine replacements.

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G50 and 7R

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Our first love is the Manx, but we have been manufacturing replica G50 and 7R parts since 1991, before we acquired the Manx business, indeed we learnt the skills required to machine complex castings to the tight tolerances required for racing engines on G50 crankcases and camboxes.

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Seeley Mk2 Rolling Chassis
Seeley Mk2 Chassis

Seeley Mk2 frame and swinging arm with needle roller swing arm bearings.

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Hubs Section

The competition parts area of our business began with the manufacture of replica Manx hubs in 1993, from there we have continually developed the range and we can now supply 21 variants of period drum brake cast in magnesium and aluminium alloys.


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Carburettor Section
Molnar T3 replica GP2 Carburettor


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MPL Ignitions
MPL Ignition
Molnar Precision Limited Igntions


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Stainless and Dural
Dome nut

Stainless Steel Parts.

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