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It is well documented that Colin Seeley bought the AMC race shop in 1966, but as he wanted to concentrate on the G50 and 7R machines he sold the Manx on to John Tickle in 1969. The Tickle T5 Manx was produced for a short while, but the arrival of the Japanese 2 strokes brought an end to the domination of world events by the British singles. Eventually Tickle sold the Manx business to Unity Equipe, who continued to supply spares, a market that soon grew thanks to the emergence of the classic racing scene. In 1994 we purchased the rights to manufacture the Manx.

Since then we have delivered over 300 replica engines, a significant number of which have been built into complete machines using our own rolling chassis. We have also supplied thousands of parts for original machines. All standard parts are manufactured to the exact original 1961 specification to original Norton drawings, which together with the production schedules, jigs, fixtures and manufacturing rights were purchased from Unity. No other manufacturer has access to this depth of information, which allows us to offer our parts as genuine replacements. The "Manx" name is our registered trademark and to achieve that we had to prove a "uniqueness" and authenticity.

The classic racing scene continues to develop and evolve, and to stay in front we have made a considerable investment in developing the Manx engine, drawing on the experience and experiments of both Norton and Tickle. The results are our 90 and 95 bore short stroke 499cc Molnar Manx. Outstanding results in recent years were Glen English and Milky Quayle winning the Classic Senior Manx GrandPrix in successive runnings, with Chris Palmer following up in 2006. John Cronshaw taking the 2002 InCA championship, followed by Glen English’s victory in the 2003 InCA FIM World Series. In 2013 we introduced the 4 Valve Molnar Manx, bringing a new level of refinement and performance. Molnar Manx's have won the CRMC championships in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and counting. Not to mention the innumerable wins and lap records around the world for our and our customer bikes.

We also offer an ultra short stroke lightweight 81 bore 350cc Manx engine, one of which is fitted in Andy’s own Tickle T3 Manx ridden by Steve Tomes, Richard Molnar and others – probably the best classic race bike ever!

In addition to our new build bikes, we have a few pre-owned bikes for sale. Click here to go to the Pre-owned Section.

MPL Molnar Manx 76 Bore 350cc and
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MPL Molnar Manx 90 Bore Specification
MPL Molnar Manx 90 Bore Specification

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MPL Molnar Manx Engine Options
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