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The competition parts area of our business began with the manufacture of replica Manx hubs in 1993, from there we have continually developed the range and we can now supply 21 variants of period drum brake cast in magnesium an aluminium alloys. Some of the castings are made from the original pattern equipment made in the 1950's and 60's. In all cases we make our parts identical to the original in appearance, using our modern manufacturing methods to ensure optimum quality. In this section you will find photographs and specifications. For hub prices follow this link.

Manx 8" T.L.S. Front
Manx 7" 4LS Front
Manx Rear (Conical)
Seeley Front Drum
Fontana 250mm 4LS Front
Fontana 210mm 4LS Front
Fontana 180mm Front
Fontana 210mm 2LS Rear
Fontana 180mm 2LS Rear
Ceriani 230mm 4LS Front
Ceriani 200mm 2LS Rear

All hubs are supplied as standard with aluminium alloy brake shoes and asbestos free linings, skimmed and ready to race.

Any hub can be built into an Alloy Rim atextra cost.


Not only have we been selling these parts for many years, with customers all around the world, many of the parts are also used on our own championship winning Nortons.

Whilst we ensure that our parts are made to the highest standards, as the fitment and use are outside our control, and as use for racing is likely to ultimately result in failure, we can accept no liability whatsoever for damage arising from such failure. This is a condition of our business which you are deemed to have accepted apon purchasing parts from us. However, if on receipt of goods purchased from Molnar Precision Limited, you are not totally satisfied with the quality of workmanship we will be happy to supply replacements or refund any monies paid.

For a complete list of technical information please select from the following technical sheets.

pdfMPL Italian Exotica 2 Leading Shoe Rear Hub Data

pdfMPL Italian Exotica 4 Leading Shoe Front Hub Data

pdfMPL Seeley Hubs Data

pdfMPL Manx Hubs Data Sheet

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